Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Top Tip Tuesday - Find Your Place

Hong Kong is the ultimate 'city that never sleeps.' It's chaotic and hectic, and if you thrive on crowds, noise, traffic, heat and a daily assault on all the senses, then you'll love it. But for those of us that find it just a little overwhelming, it can wear thin at times.

I wasn't here long before I realised that you need a release if you're going to live here happily for any length of time. For some, myself included before I had children, getting away from it all on a regular basis means getting on a plane as often as possible. For others, like the city slickers that flock to Lantau's beaches every weekend, it's possible to get away a little closer to home. Some hit the hills and hike the city out of their systems, while others prefer hiking around the malls in their spare time. From extreme sports to extreme partying; you can find it all right here in Hong Kong if you know what you want.

When I was pregnant and grounded I used to treat myself to regular massages and pedicures. It was a great time out, and more often than not, one that I like to share with a friend. My favourite places for such indulgence are Feel Good FactorIyaraHappy Foot, and Landmark Mandarin Oriental. Today I needed something more - I needed to sit in a quiet, dark room where no one knew me and for 113 minutes to forget where I was. So for the first time ever, I went to a movie by myself. It was exactly what I needed, and cheaper than a pedicure (therefore husband approved!). I'm also getting out of town and heading to Manila again for a few days, because I still think that getting on a plane is the only way to really "get away from it all." You need to find something that works for you, find a place or an activity, that helps you cope with the madness of this crazy city. What do you do to stay sane here?

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