Monday, February 11, 2013

A Bit of Housekeeping

Firstly, I have to acknowledge the wonderful people at Little Steps for once again recognising this little old blog of mine in their annual Best of the Blogs. It's something I love to do but have hardly had time for lately. So thanks to you all for reading and giving me a reason to write.

Secondly, thanks also to Mehroo from Miss India to Motherhood, for passing on the Liebster award. It's a bit tricky to find information about this "award" but it's basically designed to increase your readership by sharing other people's blogs with your readers. I like the idea and I'm flattered and soon I'll get around to writing about it properly!

Finally, in the spirit of Chinese New Year this weekend, I've started a new blog. Don't panic! A Mummy in a Strange Land is still in action, and I plan to write a lot more here in the coming months. But, our darling Josh is about to have two separate surgeries on his eyes and we've decided his journey deserves a blog all its own. We'll post explanations of everything to do with his condition and updates on how he's doing here -  Seeing Josh.

When I started this blog over two years ago I didn't have a plan for it, I just desperately needed to write. I needed an outlet for all the ups and downs of parenting as an expat. I've strayed a little from that path, and it's become a blog about life in general, our life, more than life in Hong Kong, and I'm going to try and get back on track. I had no idea how many other parenting blogs were out there, and never expected anyone would be all that interested in what I had to say, but the recognition I've received lately has proved me wrong. There may not be many of you out there, but to those of you who are still reading, thank you! I hope you like what's still to come x

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